Best Good Thing

Small footprint, big impact with this crew of two.

Kelsey George and Wade Trenbeath are visual artists whose love of creating together led them to form Best Good Thing, a Photography + Film Studio specializing in Art, Design and Lifestyle Productions. 

Visual storytelling is the heart of Best Good Thing. Making connections with amazing people doing amazing things fuels this duo. Creating brand specific content, impromptu brainstorming sessions and having fun are their strengths. Their weaknesses are dogs, road trips and dark chocolates.

Wade, a Photographer, Videography and Cinematographer has worked in the Arts/Entertainment field for over fifteen years. For the past ten years he has focused on Retail and Commercial Architecture. His love for mountaineering and adventure has made him calm under pressure and as comfortable in remote locations as in the studio. Wade's super powers are resilience, efficiency and adaptability.

Kelsey, an Art Director began in the L.A. Advertising/Entertainment Industry as a Production Designer and Set Decorator working on music videos, brand commercials and short films. Propelled by her design degree she moved to Seattle to take the role as a Trends and Brand Strategist for a global architecture firm. Kelsey's vision, curatorial precision and sense of color are her super powers.


Let's Make Your Next Best Good Thing. 


We take photos, produce videos, make things move and more...




Content Creation

Visual Marketing

Art + Creative Direction

Staging + Styling

Social Media Content

Branded Web Content

Custom Artwork

Shout out to our clients + collaborators

Alaska Airlines


Bohme Boutique

Capital One


IA Architects

MRJ Constructors



Thinkwell Group

Six Walls Interiors


B+H Architects


Chelsea Collective


In-House Genetics


One Medical

The Riveter




Reach out

Kelsey George / Art Director
+1 310 695 8771

Wade Trenbeath / Director of Photography

+1 206 484 6203

Will holla back!