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architectural photography

We take photos, produce videos, create branded content and more...

Best Good Thing is a commercial photography and video studio formed by Art Director Kelsey George and Director of Photography Wade Trenbeath. 

Wade, the Swiss Army Knife of DP's has extensive experience in the commercial photography and video scene. His experience includes lifestyle stock, travel documentaries, live tv, in-house and studio work. His love for mountaineering and adventure has made him adaptable and efficient on set. He is as comfortable in remote locations as in the studio. His resilience and can do attitude are his super powers.


Kelsey, the Art Department Nerd is a pro at staging, styling and directing art sets. Her experience includes  music videos, brand commercials and short films. Her love for gardening and restoring used treasures has made her a resourceful, optimistic and a hands-on collaborator. Kelsey's eclectic vision brings a new perspective to every project and go with the flow attitude makes her an asset on any set. Curatorial precision and sense of color are her super powers.


Visual storytelling is the heart of what they do and they are inspired to produce attention grabbing content for brands and their customers. Together they bring over 20 years of experience. They capture award winning architectural and interior design through still photography and video. They also produce, shoot and edit commercials, short films and documentaries. Other assets they bring: product photography, video editing, managing talent and direction as well as coordinating pre and post production schedules and budgets.

Shout out to our clients + collaborators. 

Alaska Airlines



B+H Architects

Bohme Boutique


IA Architects

One Medical

Rogue Farmer 

Sellen Construction


Six Walls Interiors

The Riveter



Office environment, company culture, co-working space

Small footprint, big impact with this crew of two.

video reel
PNW Mountain Base Camp Site
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Art + Creative Direction

Product + Set Styling

Layout and Presentation Design

Custom Artwork


Kelsey George, Art Director

+1 310 695 8771

Wade Trenbeath, Director of Photography

+1 206 484 6203


Seattle, Washington

Kingston, Washington


Los Angeles, California

Cleveland, Ohio 

Chicago, Illinois

Let's Make Your Next Best Good Thing. 

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